Steven Esposito

 I would like to recommend Tech Savvy for the outstanding job they have done the last year! Akam took over Birchwood Towers in January of 2019, since then we have used Tech Savvy for the office computers. They also came up with a solution to bring all of the existing camera systems into one location and now we can view it from any computer, laptop or smartphone. This has been a huge task and has saved us thousands of dollars from other estimates we had received. 

One day, as they were working on the camera systems I had discussed with Larry an alternative to an intercom system for the building. The existing system is original to the building and approximately half of the intercoms are not working. We installed the VolP phone system and now we communicate to both lobbies, the garage and office, as well as all of the shareholder apartments with ease. I cannot tell you how much time and money this has saved.

In closing, the Tech Savvy Team is always professional, on time and very responsive in an emergency, I would highly recommend them for any projects you are thinking of doing in the future. I am also available to talk to anyone who might have questions or concerns regarding the projects we have completed.

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